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My Dad’s Best Friend

This hot young guy had a weekend he won’t forget too soon. In this one, the 1gaypass young stud got pleased by his dad’s friend while his dad was out of town. He didn’t want to let his son all alone at home because he knew from experience that each time he was left alone he found his house upside down. His son was a party animal and leaving the house all to himself for an entire weekend wasn’t the brightest idea, so he called his friends to look after him. His friend was a bit younger than him so he hoped that he might get along better with him and maybe listen to him. If he only knew what was going to happen between these two. Right before his dad left his good old friend appeared.

It was the first time these two met and from the 1gaypass preview below we think they are going to get along just fine. The guys spend the day next to the pool and his dad’s friend couldn’t take his eyes off him. He tried really hard to behave but he couldn’t keep his hands just to himself. He got closer to the teen and right when he was about to say something, the teen took off his shorts showing off his big fat dick in front of his dad’s friend. They both wanted it so why not? In no time the older stud had his hard dick in his mouth sucking it dry while the teen enjoyed the great weather. So enjoy! Also you might enter the http://tabloidmen.org/ site if you wanna see other gorgeous man showing off their bodies!


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1GayPass – Lunch Break

Another office affair is here for you guys from 1gaypass. This poor guy gets his ass pounded by his boss just to keep his job. He was new to the job and like every rookie, he made a few mistakes. That wouldn’t be a problem, but his boss had a crush on him, so he had to find a way to get him. The poor guy really needed his job, so he tried his best to be on his boss’ good side little that he knew what his boss had prepared for him. One day when everyone was in the lunch break, his boss called him to his office to talk. He told him about his small errors and made sure that he felt like he was doing him a favor by not firing him. He was so grateful for the second opportunity and his boss took full advantage of that. He got closer to him and without saying a word he grabbed his dick. From the look on his face, it was pretty clear that he had made his plans for his lunch break. His pants were the first to fall and after blowing his dick it was his turn to do the same. His boss took his pants off too and let his newest employee do his job. After bending him over a few times and nailing his ass he let him go and made sure that he understood that from now on this what they are going to do on their lunch break. You can check it all out below! Also you might enter the http://cinemale.org/ site and see some hot male celebrities getting naked!


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My Assistant is a Porn Star

In this 1gaypass update, we have a little surprise for you guys. We have an experienced porn star between us showing off his cock sucking skills. His boss was the most surprised one once he found out. He heard a lot of rumors around the office but you can’t be sure until you check it out yourself. After checking it only, it was true so he had to have a talk with him. It wasn’t related to work, he was asking more for his own benefit. Once his assistant entered the room he asked him about it and he confessed. He didn’t saw it at being that important and it didn’t affect his work at all, so he didn’t understand why everybody was making such a big deal out of it.

He explained his situation, but that wasn’t the reason why his boss called him, he actually wanted to test him out. The assistant found that a bit weird but his boss was kind of hot so he gave him a try. He unbuttoned his pants and once he began blowing his dick, all that experience from shooting gay porn really paid off. His boss could barely control himself from making any noise. But that was just the beginning because his ass was next and his assistant had a blast banging him. You must see this and we got the entire thing prepared for you guys or enter the http://tabloidmen.net/ site and see other gorgeous men getting wild!


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1GayPass – Locker Room Cock

In these training camps you can get really lonely, luckily our 1gaypass guests found a way to solve this problem. The two jocks spend every afternoon after practice in the locker room fucking one another. When you are surrounded by guys all day long it’s really hard especially if you are into guys. At first, they didn’t know about each other, until one of them accidentally caught his friend jerking off while watching some gay porn. He didn’t even try to find an excuse but it turned out that actually helped him. After they talked about they both found out that they are into guys, so now they were finally gonna get some action during these long and stressful camps. After a few times, they got used to one another and things got hotter and hotter, both of them being open to trying new things.

After every workout, they would go to the locker room after everyone left, closed the door and take care of business. The guys waited the entire day to get in that room, to get their dicks sucked off and their asses stuffed and it was totally worth it. No one else knew about it so they had to keep it behind closed door and that made things even hotter between them. Check them out in action in the exclusive update below and we’ll see you guys next time with more 1gaypass updates! Also you can visit the cmnm.me site if you wanna see some gorgeous clothed man getting fucked!


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I Need The Promotion

You gotta see this one! 1gaypass is back with another jock that’s working really hard on his boss’ dick for a promotion. Everyone that works there knows how their boss’ does business, especially business that involves promotions and raises. Every guy there knew that he was into guys and he wasn’t trying to hide it all. In his team he only had guys and no one ever saw him even interviewing a chick. Our guy really needed more money, so when he heard that there was an opening for a job he knew what he had to do. He made an appointment and went there ready to do anything he could to get the job and to please his boss.

i-need-the-promotionHis boss was straight forward, so once he heard that he wants the job, he started unbuttoning his pants. From there on our guy took care of his needs. He took off his pants, took his dick and after jerking him off he continued with a blowjob. From one look he understood that his boss wanted more so he took off his clothes bent over and got his boss’ big hard dick up his ass right on his desk. You gotta give it to him, he really knows how to take care of business. You can see their little business meeting below, to see the poor guy sucking and riding his boss’ dick for a job. Click below to see it all or enter the she plays with her cock site and see some slutty shemales sucking cocks!

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1GayPass – Hookup Frustration

We are back with another great 1gaypass for all you lucky guys. After he got stood up on a blind date our guy got lucky and found a better guy to nail his ass. He was desperate to find someone and after so many failed relationships he ends up using an online dating service. There he met this guy and they really clicked so the next step was to met. They set the day and the place, but the guy never showed. That didn’t really help his self-esteem but luckily for him, this guy at the bar has been checking him out since he got there.

He set him a drink and by the end of the night, they were sharing a cab to his place. It didn’t work out as he was expecting but he still got something out of it. The guy he took home was hot, single and shared the same interests as he did. They never made it to the bedroom and keep it all in the middle of his living room testing his new couch. At first, he didn’t really like the way he wanted to be in charge of everything but once he saw his dick he just let him do his thing. Once he shoved his big dick up his asshole he couldn’t get enough of it. If you don’t believe us you can check it out below and see it for yourself. Enjoy it!


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Extracurricular Activities

These cute guys found the best way to spend the time after classes and you are going to see it all in the latest 1gaypass update. These two guys loved extracurricular activities especially those involving their favorite, blowing and riding dicks. Both of them were trouble makers so they met in detention after classes and got along pretty well. Everyone tried to keep them out of trouble so they agreed to let them do their detention at one of their houses under supervision. It was a good plan except that the guys didn’t have even the slightest interest in school and no one was there to supervise them so they had the house all to themselves for the entire afternoon.

They were both into guys so it was pretty clear that this was going to happen sooner or later. The guys couldn’t wait for their detention to have their little fucking session. From handjobs to blowjob to ass fucking they did it all and they are great at it. The cute teen especially loves getting his tight ass nailed by his more experienced friend, as you can see in the preview below. These teens have the wildest scenes and they somehow surprise us each and every time. You can see them in action in the video below so don’t miss it! We’ll see you next time with more hot 1gaypass updates so stay tuned!


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1GayPass – Gym Glory Hole

The guys are back with another great scene here at 1gaypass. The jocks are back in the gym ready for another locker room ass pounding session. This gotta be their favorite part of the entire day. The guys usually picked a new guy to try out after each training. Everyone knew what they were getting into once they signed up for their gym. This was more for the guys that were too shy to admit that they are into guys. Our hot trainer had a little thing for this guy and he was going to get him one way or another.

He was just his type, he always had a weakness for blond guys. So once he saw him struggling with the weights he was a good guy and went over to help him out. After their , orkout he made a surprise visit in the shower and got everything started. It wasn’t too hard to convince, after jerking off his dick for a bit he would’ve done anything. So he took his latest guy back in the locker room and fucked him in every possible way. The poor guy was like a doll in his hands, he would literally do anything without asking too many questions or saying no. It’s been a while since he found a guy that open and willing to try anything. You must see them in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more 1gaypass updates!


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Doctor’s Personal Touch

You found the kinkiest doctor for you guys in this latest 1gaypass update and he got his hands on this cute guy, the perfect patient to fuck today. The poor guy just got there and he was complaining about some problems with his hand. He was really active and during one of his workouts, he did something to his hand. He was too hot to ignore so our kinky doctor offered him a treatment he won’t forget too soon. He tested him first to see if he was into guys. Usually, he has such a good eye with the guys, but he couldn’t read this one. He called his assistant in and got the confirmation, he was into guys, no straight guy could ignore his hot assistant.

Now that he was sure it was time to do his magic. He began getting closer and closer and the cute patient noticed it and didn’t mind it at all. The doctor is really hot and no guy is going to turn him down that easily. So in no time, the patient lost his clothes and so did the doctor. It didn’t take him that long to get into his pants and then up his tight ass and the hot guy loved every minute of it. Below you are going to find more about their hot scene and you can also see the entire scene to get a better look at the ripped doctor banging his patient. Enjoy it or enter the she plays with her cock site for similar anal sex videos and pics!


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Workplace 3-Way

These guys sure know how to make the best out of a work day here at 1gaypass. Once they saw the empty storage room they knew that they had to take a short break and fucking one another. All three of them are pretty young and this was their summer job, so it’s not like either of them was taking it too seriously. All three of them were lucky enough to be accepted in the same place, so they got to spend a lot of time together. Everyone knows how boring some days can be, well these guys always find the best way to make these days more interesting. This time one of the guys stumbled upon this empty storage room and he thought of a way better use of it.

He texts his friends and in no time everyone was there ready for a short break. Everyone was on their lunch break so no one was going to bother them. Unfortunately for them, there were cameras all over the place, so everyone got to see these three in action and it was a hell of a video. The guys did it all from sucking one another’s dick to rimming and ass fucking. Their bosses had a blast seeing them in action and you can do it too. Below you can see a 1gaypass preview of their scene but you already know that it’s more. Click below to find out everything that happened or enter the militaryclassified.org site if you wanna see other willing gay guys having hardcore sex!


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