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1GayPass – Yes Coach

In this latest 1gaypass, we got on our hands another horny coach fucking one of his students. He was being a douche bag during practice so the coach had to teach him a lesson. He was being a smart ass with all of his colleagues and he just wouldn’t listen to anyone. After practice, the coach waited for him in the locker room and after everyone left the room he taught him a lesson he won’t forget too soon. The guy was getting out of the shower when he saw his coach waiting for him. He invited him over to his place to talk in a more quiet place. Once they got there the coach could do anything without anyone bothering them.

He didn’t even bother to explain anything to him, he just took off his pants and from there on it was pretty clear what was going to happen. He needed to keep his mouth shut so his coach found the best way to do that. The poor guy didn’t know how to react and he didn’t even have that much time to think about it. By the time he realized what happened, he was already on his knees with his coach’s dick in his mouth. He knew that he didn’t have a way out of it so he did what he was asked to and sucked off his coach’s hard dick. Check these two in action below!


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