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1GayPass – Uncle Spencer

1gaypass is back with another kinky family affair. This time uncle Spencer got to fuck his newest family member. These families are really twisted but we wouldn’t have any other way. Uncle Spencer made a short visit this past weekend to see his family and got to know his new nephew. He was a bit surprised to see how hot he is and couldn’t miss the opportunity to hit that. He overheard that he was an athlete so he offered his service to the college stud. He knew once he got the cute guy on his massage table he would have a chance on him. Everything worked out for him because he got the house all for themselves and his nephew agreed to the massage.

He was complaining about some lower back problems and his uncle knew just the treatment to take care of it. It wasn’t hard to tell that he was into guys, now all he had to see was if he was interested in him. Once they got in the room and on the table his uncle went lower and lower to test him out and see how he would react. After he finished with his back and had to turn, his towel accidentally slipped and before his uncle could do a thing he already grabbed his dick. From there to fucking on the massage table was a really short road but you still gotta check it out entirely. Enjoy it!


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