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1GayPass – Lunch Break

Another office affair is here for you guys from 1gaypass. This poor guy gets his ass pounded by his boss just to keep his job. He was new to the job and like every rookie, he made a few mistakes. That wouldn’t be a problem, but his boss had a crush on him, so he had to find a way to get him. The poor guy really needed his job, so he tried his best to be on his boss’ good side little that he knew what his boss had prepared for him. One day when everyone was in the lunch break, his boss called him to his office to talk. He told him about his small errors and made sure that he felt like he was doing him a favor by not firing him. He was so grateful for the second opportunity and his boss took full advantage of that. He got closer to him and without saying a word he grabbed his dick. From the look on his face, it was pretty clear that he had made his plans for his lunch break. His pants were the first to fall and after blowing his dick it was his turn to do the same. His boss took his pants off too and let his newest employee do his job. After bending him over a few times and nailing his ass he let him go and made sure that he understood that from now on this what they are going to do on their lunch break. You can check it all out below! Also you might enter the http://cinemale.org/ site and see some hot male celebrities getting naked!


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