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1GayPass – Hookup Frustration

We are back with another great 1gaypass for all you lucky guys. After he got stood up on a blind date our guy got lucky and found a better guy to nail his ass. He was desperate to find someone and after so many failed relationships he ends up using an online dating service. There he met this guy and they really clicked so the next step was to met. They set the day and the place, but the guy never showed. That didn’t really help his self-esteem but luckily for him, this guy at the bar has been checking him out since he got there.

He set him a drink and by the end of the night, they were sharing a cab to his place. It didn’t work out as he was expecting but he still got something out of it. The guy he took home was hot, single and shared the same interests as he did. They never made it to the bedroom and keep it all in the middle of his living room testing his new couch. At first, he didn’t really like the way he wanted to be in charge of everything but once he saw his dick he just let him do his thing. Once he shoved his big dick up his asshole he couldn’t get enough of it. If you don’t believe us you can check it out below and see it for yourself. Enjoy it!


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