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The guys are back with another great scene here at 1gaypass. The jocks are back in the gym ready for another locker room ass pounding session. This gotta be their favorite part of the entire day. The guys usually picked a new guy to try out after each training. Everyone knew what they were getting into once they signed up for their gym. This was more for the guys that were too shy to admit that they are into guys. Our hot trainer had a little thing for this guy and he was going to get him one way or another.

He was just his type, he always had a weakness for blond guys. So once he saw him struggling with the weights he was a good guy and went over to help him out. After their , orkout he made a surprise visit in the shower and got everything started. It wasn’t too hard to convince, after jerking off his dick for a bit he would’ve done anything. So he took his latest guy back in the locker room and fucked him in every possible way. The poor guy was like a doll in his hands, he would literally do anything without asking too many questions or saying no. It’s been a while since he found a guy that open and willing to try anything. You must see them in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more 1gaypass updates!


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